VIES registration: EU VAT registration for your Spanish company to allow intracommunitary VAT exemption

If you have a Spanish company (with a Spanish tax ID), we can apply for a European VAT number (VIES) for you, as long as you fulfill the requirements.

What is VIES?

VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) is an online database created by the EU that lets you find out if a company has been approved as part of the intracommunitary system. If a company is selling goods to a company based in a different EU country and both companies are listed in the VIES database, then the goods are exempt from VAT tax. If both companies are in the same country then VAT must still be applied.

Using the VIES database, an approved company can find out immediately whether an invoice must include VAT or not by looking up the VAT number of the company they are doing business with. Each EU member tax office maintains an electronic database that sends the information to the central VIES database. The database has two main objectives:

Help companies to do business in Europe.

Help countries monitor and control irregularities.