If you are doing business in Spain and you already have a corporation in another country, you may want to register the Spanish business as a branch. A branch is a permanent establishment in Spain, owned by a separate entity in a different country. The parent company will be responsible for any liabilities that the branch incurs (such as employment obligations or fines from the tax office). Spanish social security costs regarding your employees will be in place. Branch registration does not require a minimum backing capital — this is because the capital is the parent company.

If you are going to have a permanent establishment, the options to do business in Spain as a foreign corporation are:

  • Branch
  • Independent company (SL or SA)

In both cases, be aware that it is the Spanish law for taxes, accounting, and employment that will apply to your business.

If you do not require a permanent establishment in Spain, then we can obtain a nonresident VAT number for you.