EORI stands for Economic Operator Registration Identification. The EORI number is a tax ID focused on trading and customs. The EORI number is used to identify economic operators within the European Union. The EORI number is required in the following cases:

  • Economic operators who are resident in the EU must register for the EORI if their business activities and operations (including passive ones) fall under the provisions of customs legislation (e.g. importer, exporter, declarant, authorisation holder for customs procedures, etc.)
  • Economic operators who are nonresident in the EU must register if they:
    • File a summary declaration or a customs declaration in the EU (except for oral declarations or customs declarations for temporary use).
    • File an exit or entry summary declaration.
    • Operate a temporary storage facility.
    • Apply for an authorization as consignor for the issuance of dispatching documents T2L or as consignor for a transit procedure.
    • Apply for a certificate as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).
  • Persons who are not economic operators may also apply for registration.

For non-EU traders and exporters, keep in mind that the EORI may take ten days to be issued by the Spanish tax office, depending on the country and port, so to avoid the trouble and cost of having your goods blocked in customs, you should apply for the EORI before you ship the goods.

Note that the EORI number does not expire.

As soon as you provide us with the requested company documents, we will register your company to obtain your EORI number in Spain and provide any follow-up services that you require.

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