Legal Consultancy in Valencia

Our firm provides legal advice in Spanish Law and the European Union.

Legal advice in Valencia, we protect your company


asesoramiento legal valencia


Gestión Valenciana offers a legal advice service for your business that covers all areas of law: Commercial, Procedural, Labor, Insolvency, Real Estate, New Technologies or Tax.

Civil Law

  • Processing inheritances.
  • Counseling on preparing wills.
  • Division of common goods and estates.
  • Estate management.
  • Claims for damages.
  • Preparation of all kinds of civil contracts.
  • Urban and rural lease agreements.
  • Lease evictions.
  • Easements.
  • Marriage settlement.
  • Counseling on marriage economic plans.
  • Divorces and separations by mutual consent.
  • Execution of mortgages.

Commercial Law

  • Incorporation of Companies.
  • Dissolving and Liquidation of Companies.
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings.
  • Commercial Sales.
  • Corporate Administration (minutes, board meetings, corporate books).
  • Corporate Conflicts.
  • Preparation all kinds of Commercial Contracts.
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property: Patents and Brands.
  • Claims for Outstanding Debts.

Administrative Law

  • Appeals against the Administration.
  • Municipal, Regional and State Sanctions
  • Representation and Assistance in Contencioso – Administrativa (Administrative Litigation) Actions.
  • Compensation for financial responsibility of Public Administration (health assistance, falls on public streets…)
  • Administrative Infractions and Sanctions.
  • Subsidies and Aid.

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