Many business ventures in Spain require some form of registration with the appropriate government body. We will clear the government hurdles so that your business can get up and running quickly.

  • Corporate taxes: If you are using another accounting firm, we can review your taxes filed to ensure that all forms and annual accounts have been properly filed.
  • Payroll regulations and Prevention of occupational hazards (riesgos laborales): Regulations are strict regarding how people may be hired. Workplace regulations are strict also. As long as you have employees, your office must conform to the Law of Prevention of Occupational Hazards. Inspections and fines are not unusual. Depending on the workplace activities, employee training may be required.
  • eCommerce (legal audit of your web business): If you are a seller located outside of Spain, but selling to Spanish clientes, the Spanish authorities have not adopted unilateral measures, but you are liable for Spanish VAT tax.
  • Data protection: We review your processes of storing client data to be sure your company conforms to the data protection laws (LOPD).
  • Anti money laundering (AML): For professionals involved in large movements of money — such as real estate agents, accountants, notaries, lawyers — the AML laws require a stipulated procedure in the office, as well as training of personnel and an annual report.
  • Fraud prevention (riesgos penales): Fraud prevention is another area with specific regulations.